Friday, January 2, 2009

Edible Thanksgiving Turkeys

Edible Thanksgiving Turkeys
Submitted by:
Marge Phelps

1 bag candy corn (beak and eyes)
1 bag caramel candy squares (body)
1 bag Dove chocolate (base/feet)
1 bag striped chocolate cookies (tail and feathers)
Thanksgiving/Fall cupcake liners

1. Unwrap a piece of Dove chocolate to use as the base of the turkey. Place on a microwavable plate.

2. Unwrap a piece of caramel and stick on top of the Dove chocolate bar for the turkey’s body.

3. Take a piece of candy corn and push down on top of the caramel (pointed end out). This makes the turkey’s beak.

4. Take another piece of caramel and push down on top of the first caramel. This is the head of the turkey.

5. Break off the little white ends of 2 candy corns and push in the top caramel for the eyes.

6. Take one striped chocolate cookie and apply to the back of the body to form the feathers.

7. Put the turkey in the microwave for a few seconds no longer than 8 seconds just so the candy and cookie can fuse together. Be careful the turkey will melt if left in to long.

8. Place in freezer for a few minutes to help the turkey firm up. Serve in a Thanksgiving/Fall cupcake liners.

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